car exhaust repair

We fix all things exhaust! From loud noises to performance loss, our mechanics can diagnose and repair your car’s exhaust system to get it running smoothly and quietly again. Breathe easy (and quietly) on the road – schedule your exhaust repair today!


    Loud or Unusual Noises

    A healthy exhaust system operates relatively quietly. Excessive noise, like rattling, hissing, or a deep growling sound, can indicate leaks, loose components, or a damaged muffler or catalytic converter.

    Reduced Engine Performance

    A clogged or damaged exhaust system can restrict the flow of exhaust gases, hindering engine performance and leading to decreased power and acceleration.

    Increased Emissions

    A compromised exhaust system can allow unburned fuel and harmful pollutants to escape into the atmosphere, causing your car to fail emissions tests and contribute to air pollution.

    Strong Exhaust Odor

    A noticeable exhaust smell, especially a pungent or gassy odor, can indicate a leak in the system or a problem with the catalytic converter, which helps reduce harmful emissions.

    Visible Damage

    In some cases, you might see physical signs of damage to the exhaust system, such as cracks, rust holes, or loose hangers supporting the components.


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    1. Loud noises: An unusually loud or rattling sound coming from under your car often indicates a problem with the exhaust system, such as a loose heat shield, damaged muffler, or a hole in the exhaust pipe.

    2. Decreased fuel efficiency: A malfunctioning exhaust system can lead to improper fuel burning, resulting in lower gas mileage.

    3. Illuminated Check Engine Light: Don’t ignore this warning! The Check Engine Light can indicate various issues, including problems with the exhaust system.

    4. Strong exhaust fumes: A noticeable increase in exhaust fumes inside the car cabin could signify a leak in the exhaust system, posing a health risk.

    5. Visible damage: During routine inspections, you might notice visible signs of damage to the exhaust system components, such as rust, cracks, or dents on the exhaust pipes or muffler.

    • Exhaust manifold: Collects hot exhaust gases from the engine cylinders.
    • Catalytic converter: Converts harmful pollutants in the exhaust into less toxic gases.
    • Oxygen sensors: Monitor oxygen levels in the exhaust to optimize engine performance and emissions.
    • Muffler: Reduces noise from the exhaust gases.
    • Tailpipe: The final point of exhaust gas expulsion.
    • Muffler replacement: A worn-out muffler can cause excessive noise. Replacing it restores the sound dampening function.
    • Catalytic converter replacement: A faulty catalytic converter can affect emissions and engine performance. Replacement might be necessary.
    • Exhaust pipe repair: Leaks or cracks in the exhaust pipes require patching or replacement to prevent leaks and loud noises.
    • Oxygen sensor replacement: Faulty oxygen sensors can lead to inefficient fuel burning and increased emissions. Replacing them can improve performance and fuel economy.
    • Inspection: The mechanic will visually inspect the exhaust system for signs of damage or leaks.
    • Diagnosis: They might use a lift to access the undercarriage and utilize diagnostic tools to pinpoint the specific problem.
    • Repair recommendations: Based on the diagnosis, the mechanic will explain the issue and recommend the necessary repairs, along with a cost estimate.
    • Repair: With your approval, the mechanic will perform the repairs using appropriate tools and replacement parts.
    • Testing: After the repair, the mechanic will test the exhaust system to ensure it functions properly and there are no leaks.

    Repair times vary depending on the complexity of the issue and the components involved. Simple repairs like replacing a clamp might take less than an hour, while complex repairs involving muffler replacement or welding could take several hours.

    • Regular maintenance: Following the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule ensures all exhaust system components function optimally.
    • Avoid harsh impacts: Undercarriage impacts from potholes or debris can damage exhaust components. Drive cautiously on rough roads.
    • Use high-quality fuel: Low-quality fuel can damage the exhaust.

    The catalytic converter plays a critical role in reducing harmful emissions from your car’s exhaust. It converts pollutants like hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxides into less toxic gases like water vapor and carbon dioxide.

    There are several reasons why a catalytic converter might need replacing:

    • Age and wear: Catalytic converters have a lifespan, and their efficiency deteriorates over time.
    • Contamination: Leaded gasoline or engine coolant leaks can damage the converter.
    • Physical damage: Severe impacts to the undercarriage can damage the converter.

    A well-maintained exhaust system reduces harmful pollutants released into the atmosphere, contributing to cleaner air and a healthier environment.

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