Jaguar Spare Parts

Jaguar spare parts

Experience the thrill of owning a Jaguar without compromise. Luxury Zone is your one-stop shop for premium Jaguar spare parts. We understand the unwavering spirit of a Jaguar and the importance of keeping it running at peak performance. That’s why we offer a comprehensive selection of parts to ensure a perfect fit and optimal performance.


    Engine components

    Cylinder Block, Cylinder Head, Pistons, Piston Rings, Connecting Rods, Crankshaft, Camshaft, Valvetrain, Valves, Timing Belt/Chain, Flywheel, Engine Oil, Oil Filter, Engine Coolant, Water Pump, Thermostat, Radiator, Intake Manifold, Exhaust Manifold, Spark Plugs & More.

    Suspension parts

    Springs, Shock absorbers (dampers), Struts, Control arms, Sway bar (stabilizer bar), Bushings, Ball joints, Tie rods, Leaf springs, Coil springs, Air springs & more.

    Lights, Camera's & Sensors

    Headlights, Taillights, Brake lights, Turn signals, Reverse lights, Fog lights, Daytime running lights (DRLs), License plate lights, Interior lights, Dome light, Map lights, Courtesy lights, Trunk light, Cameras, Sensors & more.

    Interior parts & accessories

    Seats, Seatbelts, Steering wheel, Dashboard, Instrument cluster, Infotainment system, Climate control system, Air vents, Floor mats, Cup holders, Cargo mats, Sun visors, Rearview mirror, Armrests, Door panels, Headliners, Interior trim, Phone chargers, Ambient lighting, Foot pedals, Shift knob or lever, Cargo nets or organizers, & more.

    Air Filters

    These are essential for maintaining good engine performance and fuel efficiency. A dirty air filter can restrict airflow to the engine, which can lead to a loss of power and increased fuel consumption. Replacing your air filter regularly is a simple and inexpensive way to keep your Jaguar running smoothly.

    Wiper Blades

    Over time, wiper blades can become worn and cracked, which can reduce their effectiveness in clearing rain, snow, and debris from your windshield. This can make it difficult to see clearly while driving, which can be a safety hazard. Replacing your wiper blades regularly is an important part of maintaining good visibility.

    Brake Pads

    Brake pads are the parts of your Jaguar’s braking system that come into contact with the rotors to slow down the car. They are made of a friction material that wears down over time. When the brake pads become too worn, they will need to be replaced. Replacing worn brake pads is essential for maintaining safe stopping power.

    Brake Rotors

    The brake rotors are the discs that the brake pads clamp down on to slow down the car. They are also subject to wear and tear, and will need to be replaced periodically. Signs that your brake rotors need to be replaced include pulsating or grinding brakes, or a vibration in the steering wheel when braking.

    Suspension Parts

    The suspension system is responsible for absorbing bumps and shocks from the road, and for keeping the tires in contact with the road. The most common suspension parts that wear out are the shocks and struts. Signs that your suspension parts need to be replaced include a bouncing ride, excessive tire wear, or a feeling that the car is not handling as well as it used to.

    And More!

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    At Luxury Zone, we prioritize maintaining your Luxury car to ensure its optimal performance. That’s why we use genuine parts whenever possible. These parts are meticulously engineered to perfectly integrate with your car’s systems, ensuring seamless operation and preserving your vehicle’s value. Additionally, we leverage the latest diagnostic tools and technologies to pinpoint issues with precision. This not only streamlines the repair process but also guarantees long-lasting solutions.

    We understand that any car repair can be stressful. That’s why Luxury Zone is committed to clear and consistent communication throughout the service process. Our service advisors will explain the work needed in detail, provide upfront cost estimates, and keep you informed of the progress every step of the way. We value your trust and prioritize building a lasting relationship with you, ensuring your complete satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

    Our team of experts can work on all Luxury Cars. They have extensive experience in diagnosing and repairing even the most complex Luxury car issues. This dedication, coupled with their training, ensures your car receives the expert care it deserves, keeping it running at its peak for years to come.


    Regular maintenance is key to keeping your Jaguar in top condition. Some of the most commonly replaced Jaguar spare parts due to wear and tear include:

    • Oil filters: Essential for routine maintenance, oil filters trap contaminants within the engine oil, keeping your engine clean and running smoothly. They should be changed regularly as per your Jaguar’s service manual.
    • Air filters: Air filters prevent dirt and debris from entering the engine, ensuring clean air intake for optimal performance. Replace them periodically as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.
    • Wiper blades: Over time, wiper blades deteriorate and become less effective at clearing rain, snow, and debris from your windshield. Replace them when they show signs of wear for improved visibility during adverse weather conditions.
    • Brake pads: Brake pads are a wearing part that come into contact with the discs to slow down the vehicle. They wear down with use and need to be replaced regularly to maintain safe braking performance.
    • Brake rotors: Brake rotors work in conjunction with the brake pads to slow down the car. They can warp or wear over time and may need replacing alongside the brake pads.
    • Suspension components: The suspension system comprises various parts that can wear out over time, affecting handling and ride quality. Common suspension components that might need replacement include shock absorbers, struts, and control arms.

    You can contact us and we will assist you in finding the correct parts based on your vehicle’s VIN number.



    For critical components that impact safety or performance, such as brakes or engine parts, it’s generally recommended to use genuine Jaguar spare parts. These parts are engineered and tested specifically for your Jaguar and ensure optimal performance and longevity. However, for non-critical parts like wiper blades or interior components, good quality aftermarket options can be a viable alternative.


    The replacement intervals for Jaguar spare parts will depend on the specific part and your driving habits. Always refer to your owner’s manual for manufacturer-recommended maintenance schedules. Some parts, like oil filters, have shorter replacement intervals than others, like brake rotors.


    Several warning signs might indicate your Jaguar spare parts need replacement:

    • Decreased performance: This could be due to clogged air filters, worn-out spark plugs, or failing brake components.
    • Strange noises: Unusual noises from the engine, suspension, or brakes could signal potential issues with spare parts.
    • Warning lights: Your Jaguar’s dashboard warning lights can indicate issues with various spare parts, like low oil pressure or malfunctioning ABS system.


    For your comfort, Luxury Zone offers online enquiry section on our website. Simply visit our spare parts page and submit your phone number and spare part details for a call back. Or you can choose the following options.