Luxury car repair and service in Sharjah

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    Quick Service

    Fast and reliable car service in Sharjah. Done by expert technicians &  quick turnaround.

    Engine Maintenance

    Efficient Engine Maintenance in Sharjah. Expert care for your vehicle's heart.

    Gear Box Service

    Gearbox Service in Sharjah: Expert care for smooth shifts.

    Flooded Car Repair

    Flooded Car Repair in Sharjah: Expert restoration for water-damaged vehicles.

    Battery Service

    Power up your car with battery service/replacement in Sharjah

    Brake Service

    Brake Service in Sharjah: Professional maintenance for optimal braking performance.


    And more according to your custom needs!

    Engine Oil Replacement
    Air & AC filter Cleaning
    Oil Filter Replacement
    Brake Fluid Top up
    Power Steering Fluid Top up
    Coolant Top up
    Computerized Diagnostic
    Engine Oil Replacement
    Refill Transmission Oil
    Refill Differential Oil
    Air & AC filter Replacement
    Oil Filter Replacement
    Brake Fluid Replacement
    Steering Fluid Replacement
    Coolant Replacement
    Computerized Diagnostic

    Servicing & Maintenance

    Ensure your vehicle performs at its peak with our comprehensive maintenance and care packages.


    From minor fixes to complex issues, we utilize cutting-edge tools and techniques to ensure your vehicle receives the attention it deserves.

    Specialized In Luxury Car Care

    As luxury vehicle specialists, we understand your car’s unique needs. Our trained technicians ensure it receives top-notch care with the latest technology.

    Effortless Steps to Your Automotive Needs

    Expert Consultation

    Upon inquiry submission, one of our auto parts experts will review your inquiry & Check the vehicle to pin point the faults.

    Repair Plan

    After assessment, we craft a detailed repair plan with fixes, timeline, and cost breakdown for user clarity and peace of mind.

    Repair Exeution

    With the plan set, our skilled technicians perform precise repairs, maintaining constant communication and ensuring user satisfaction.

    What Our Customers Say

    Exceptional service! Luxury Zone Garage went above and beyond to fix my car’s issues promptly. Their technicians were knowledgeable and ensured I was kept informed throughout the process. I highly recommend their services.

    - Farhan

    I’m impressed by the professionalism and expertise demonstrated by Luxury Zone Garage. They diagnosed and repaired my luxury vehicle efficiently, and the transparent cost breakdown provided me with peace of mind. Thank you for the outstanding service!


    Luxury Zone Garage exceeded my expectations in every aspect. From the initial inquiry to the completion of repairs, their team displayed a high level of skill and dedication. I am thoroughly satisfied with the results and will definitely be returning for any future needs.

    - Najeeb
    About Luxury Zone

    We provide top-tier automotive expertise and service tailored to luxury vehicles in Sharjah,
    & We are a leading provider of wide range of German & European car spare parts at the best prices.

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